This Door



Closed shut to keep out the lies that

hid behind the cracks and knots of

predators abuse and slander, opened

to let in the lavender from outdoors

blow its scent into a mothers

heart for her children.


Closed to keep out the ghosts from the

past who rattle their chains and give out

silent whispers of fright, opened by love

as mother comes in to sing sweet lullabies

to child sleeping so peacefully.


Closed with horror by men who shut out

families to hide their shame of being empty

of love, opened by soldiers who come home

to live and be free to love once more,

without death knocking on their door.


Closed by Shylock’s who want to take the

home away and put the family out to live

in the streets of homeless sadness and ruin.

opened for a future of hope and grace and

forgiveness with prayer we fall on our knees

with praise and thanks.


Closed by absent parents who shut their

children out of their lives and teach them

no right or wrong, opened by parents

who cry  in vain.


© Copyright 2013 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved




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