Dreams on a Palette



His studio is alive with her naked

beauty of pristine perfection, as

she poses, her slender body wrapped

in see through silk, that covers the most

subtle beauty, each curve of her alabaster

skin so defined, yet so fragile to the eye.


The curtain is flung open, as the gentle breezes

caress the room and swirl around the artist,

as his brush is given a life of its own

to blend the fine colors on the palette

that awaits his artistic magic.


It beckons him to watch each movement

that she reveals to his perfection

and trained eye, to view in detail her lips

that open slightly, revealing the lines and

slight hint of pink to her female passions

like a flower that open’s and stretches

it’s petals to the warmth of the morning sun.


He sketches her neck that leads to  

a bosom so shapely and perfectly formed

by the hand of a god, so soft and tender,

yet gently rounded with each brush stroke of only

the finest oils on a canvas of linen, not spoiled by

time and dust-covered cobwebs of the past.


He breathes the life into his subject with every

twist and turn of his wrist and fine eye, he

puts on white the purest colors of flesh-tones

to make her come alive before him.


This night he knows the beauty before

him, is all but a dream, as he closes his eyes

to waken to an empty dungeon of his

tortured soul, lost forever in his twisted

mind of demons whose only color is black

 and red of hell’s eternal fire. He weeps

 alone, yet finds no comfort.


In the still quiet places he can still see her

as she quietly beckons him to come to her,

and be the artist that he was, the master

of beauty in all he touched, with clarity of

thought and passion and a vision so true.


He wrestles the demons and wishes for his

death to end this torture of black and red, to

feel the whites and yellows, and pale blues

and golden amber, of yesterdays as he slips

again over the edge of hell.


 © Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved




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    • Thank you for your kind words always my dear friend Kim, I trust you are well and happy. A very talented lady writer yourself indeed.

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