Empty Chair


Empty Chair

Empty Chair









Is where he left his heart
and wrote the lyrics to this
sorry song all about what’s
gone wrong and trying to
live without
by leaving

His old guitar leans
against the wall left
splashed from
tears he left
in every note
he played and
bled onto his
frets leaving
his pain along
with his

Not understanding
why she went
away he sang
and cried
with every
he felt like he
was dying deep
inside and
plucked from
every string
strung across his
old weeping
guitar gently
laying every
page he wrote
upon this
He wrote I’m sorry
for all the lies I’ve told you
and all the things I should
have said as he hopped
the last train bound
for nowhere drowning
in his own misery as
he thought about
of all those chains he
thrust on her when
all she only wanted
from him was
his trust.

The rain came down and poured
into his soul as he hummed his
lonesome song knowing well
how sorry he was and the
difficulty he would
have living without
her in his
He found
out from a friend
that she was found
lying across their bed
in her own pool of red
and clenched in her hand
was this sorry song he had left
and the razor that she used cut her
deep along with the shreds of every
note that he had bled and left for
her to read on that empty chair
beside their bed.

Except for one line
that said I love you Annie with
all my senses let me lay down beside
you and always be with you with all my
heart and soul I’m sorry so
come back and let me
love you and let
me always be
with you and
never leave
your side

© Copyright Vincent Moore 2014


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