Everybody Knows


Balloon girl







We walked the streets of abuse

and lived the sins of our fathers,

who took the liberties while their

children cried for chocolate

nothing more and wept for

being children living in the

poverty of hell.

Everybody knows


These children of the dammed,

who left for school with empty

stomachs, souls, and dark eyes

from their cries of help and

whimpers for listening to

their mothers tortured room.

Everybody knows


The basement of their schools

where they found their fashions

hanging like rags, forgotten by

the rich kids up the hill, these

poor kids put them on so bright

their colors to cheer their souls.

Everybody knows


The wrath of peer pressure came

with blood and guts that spilled

so freely from our fists, taught

by being watchers at home, while

other kids left us alone for these

gawkers feared our recoils from

the bottom feeders at the foot of

the hill.

Everybody knows


We were waiting for a miracle

from who or what we never knew,

but we cried all our youth away,

just waiting for a miracle to come

and take us all away from the

pain and guilt.

We felt our pride slipping away,

standing by our windows watching

out and waiting for the miracle

that may never come.

Everybody Knows


We hate it here the judgments are

severe for being simple children,

chewing bubble gum and waiting

for our miracle to come, our angel

to fold us in her wings and hold

us near, nothing left but to wait

for this miracle to come in dreams,

we are lost like nakedness in the

night, our bodies feeling and

waiting for the miracle to come.

Everybody Knows


We need our sisters of mercy to

go on or else our song is lost and

forever gone out of our control,

we are pinned to the floor in the

Hell of revenge so sisters free us

and let us confess to them as the

dew melts from the fingertips of

their hands, binding us close to

their hems, we are just lost

children, please wake us from

our hell and show us heaven

under your moon.

Everybody Knows


Our Hallelujahs echo through

our bedroom doors in pain so

softly we cry, please lift us from

this empty shell and shout out

Hallelujah to the children within

your throne of grateful Hallelujahs,

you’ve seen us long before we

knew you in this cold and broken

wretched life of empty pathetic

Hallelujahs, of forgiveness and

maybes, of cries your children

cry while everybody knows our

pain we bow before you begging

you to take us to your chamber

of glorious Hallelujahs.

© Copyright Vincent Moore . All Rights Reserved

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