Exit Sign

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You grow older, you move to another place.Some call it

Hotel California, and you wonder for a moment.Then when

55+ begins to look more like the nursing home down the

street and the only way out of this joint is heading to that

last stop Nursing Home or to the morgue in a black

vinyl body bag, now that’s the reality of it all.

No notebook ending for me.


Packing, moving, unpacking, getting adjusted to a new domain,

smiling faces, grant you many are way beyond my approaching

retirement age. I begin to wonder, am I in a time warp or is this

reality channel.

It all seems so planned; I move here, I get the 16th floor view,

north, east and west, the rising sun in the morning, the setting

sun at night. My balcony is heavenly, I felt at one with the

surrounding towers, green parks, trees, watching the early

morning, 9 to fivers crossing the slow-moving bridge over

the river, many I see walking, Starbuck’s coffee in hand,

praying that five o’clock comes quicker than yesterday.

The evening comes, the night settles in, the sun is down,

the stars and moon appear and the crow flies high,

the flies are caught so swiftly by my feline Toby’s claws,

amazing how in tune he is with their flight at night.


He gives me that cat smile like a Tabby can,

his stripes are burnt orange, his coat so smooth,

rolling on the balcony deck, waiting to pounce

on whatever flutters his way.


I take in the night air; the breezes are refreshing,

my soul is at peace as I reflect on the day’s events,

nodding good mornings to elderly smiling faces,

checking my mail, empty box, good news.


The lounge beckons me to sit awhile and take in

the scenery, a beautiful solarium outside the sliding

doors, a peaceful setting, a few women chatting

about their lives past and present. I get up and

check out the menu, yes, for those who want to

have a gourmet meal 3 times a week, the fare

is cheap, I prefer to do my cooking, but spy

ribs on the menu for Wednesday, yes, I think I

will give them a try. But then again, it means

meeting some of the existing tenants, I’m private,

very much a loner, so I erase that thought from

my mind, head to my suite and take a rack of ribs

from my freezer, I will do them my gourmet style

on the BBQ.


The exit sign stays lit, I look at it each time I enter

my suite, you see it’s right outside my door, it leads

you to the stairway of heaven or hell, I sense the

departure will be for me in the black vinyl body

bag one day, but heck, a viewing is available,

before they spread the ashes over land and sea.

Vincent will be gone, crossed over to the other

side to continue his journey and reincarnation,

his old soul beckons to those he knew so long ago.

He is at peace.

© Copyright 2014 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


© Copyright 2014 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


Exit Sign — 5 Comments

    • Thank you dearest Dim, it’s one I penned after moving into my type of Hotel California 55+ penthouse suite. Many elderly on a waiting list to get in, but after here a few years exit quite frequently to their graves. I’m still doing well, I’m still one of the youngest in the building. lol

  1. The daily life cycle and that stairway to heaven…reminds me of a powerhouse song I have loved for so long. Well it must feel reassuring to be the young lad among your neighbors Vincent! You know, I picked up a ‘Senior Living’ magazine while working in a retirement property a few years ago. I’m now 57 but the headline read something to the effect of: “Welcome seniors 55 and over!” Here I was working in a retirement property and suddenly I am heralded as an eligible client as well! Oh my! I suddenly felt elderly yet there were residents there nearly twice my age!! That’s a whole lotta living!

    • Hi Don and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Yes indeed I’m the young lad here of 67 yrs young that is, although a 55+ building, most of the tenants are beyond that. Although it’s a nice feeling being only one of 8 men in the building, the rest are widows. So you can imagine the amount of celebrity status I receive, notes under my door, food left hanging on my doorknob, etc etc. Although all lovely pleasantries, I keep my personal business to myself and my lady friends do not live in my building, too close for comfort, if you know what I’m saying:-)) Hey Don, those years pass quickly, before you know it 57 becomes 67 so brace yourself my friend:-) Ha Ha so you must have felt like a senior when you saw that sign, being 57 over the 55 welcoming sign! Remember always, we are as old as we want to let ourselves become. I am a very active man and in good shape, never been on medication yet in my life. I can perform as well in bed as I did in my twenties, now that’s a BLESSING for both parties. ha ha. Yes Stairway to Heaven is appropriate, but in this case, I was thinking of the Eagles and Hotel California, one can exit whenever one pleases. I’m not ready yet, so that exit sign in my hallway isn’t welcoming me yet. Thanks for the comment Don, you know I cherish your words my poetic friend.

  2. Vincent, it was so interesting to read your thoughts and truths, so openly and imaginatively revealed here. I share many of the same musings with you as time moves relentlessly forward.

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