The Eye of The Storm



How cruel can it be as it hovers so still,

calm and planning to kill?

Monster in size this hurricane threatens

to cause devastation all over the nation.

Old Liberty stands still erect and

proud shaking in anger her torch she still bares.


The waves crash in on the shoreline causing

havoc and pain as the rain comes in behind

it mixed with snow debris and angry crows.


Ships in the distance rock and roll as the

rising waves crush them stern to bow.

Sinking so many, they cry in the night

while the abyss drags them to her bottom

with no help in sight.


The nation is in turmoil all lights have

gone out, no power no communication

the sleepless city is brought to a boil

and like a mighty spring she

needs to uncoil from this disastrous

onslaught of nasty revenge from the

elements she

once had power over.


Let the winds blow, the rain pour and the

hurricane roar but keep the people it serves

safe and protected from its mighty and

devastating crushing blow.


Vincent Moore 2013


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