Final Moments they Clung


Final Moments We Clung










They clung, clutching between heaven and hell,

their souls on a mission to find the truths beyond

life’s border crossings. Digging into each others flesh,

digging deeper, bleeding together, pulsating strength,

afraid to let go.


Beaten down, they often prayed for death,

yet clung to each other like Raven’s feeding all around them,

pecking at their sores, telling them to leave and nay return



Never letting go, veins popping from the needle’s clung there

like leapers they were abandoned, cloaked in sadness and



Bitter tears dropped from their darkened, hollow eyes as they

lay there in their resting place, only two arms extended, finger

tips sliding across the cold, cold ground they found each others

hands and crawled to tighten their grip with every blood vessel

popping in search of finality.


Sadly they moaned, breathing their last, as they both clung helpless,

yet bound for the other side with a final goodbye, but a welcoming

Hello awaiting them from sweet tender voices lost in the sands of time.

Vincent Moore 2015

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