Finding Vincent Moore


Vincent Moore










Many of you followed a

Saddlerider dude who

fumbled and stumbled

with words that

were crude.



At first he began

short story scribing

until he met up with

two poets

named Ralwus

and Wayne Brown.


They captured his soul

and tickled his fancy with

feathers from a poet’s Quill

that left him inspired

and full of joy

to spill ink on

white parchment

for all

to enjoy.


The Saddle became

tangled in words and

lost thoughts until one

day his Muse appeared

from out of Pandora’s box

demanding the Saddle

to take a long ride

for he was being

replaced by this

Vincent Moore guy.


Confused but amused

the Saddle simply spit

cussed and chewed

more tobacco while

straddled over top of

his fine steed he so

named Poetic Justice.



The Saddle penned

mostly of his youth

and upbringing while

Vincent drew words

from his past framed

with abuse, castles

swords a glistening

and candle lit stables

frequented by long

legged maidens.


They poured his favorite

grape while dancing

all around him reciting

erotica naughty tales

studied to memory

from our infamous

Marquis De Sade



With each exhale.

they bowed before

this poet rising sweetly

scented petticoats in front

of his face without any

disgrace as his jailer

applauded their good



Then bid them farewell

as Vincent returned

to his cell and

inked the title

of his next





© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


Finding Vincent Moore — 14 Comments

    • Thank you so much Susan for the follow, I too follow you and your great scribes about food, various articles and of course poetry. Hugs

  1. I love the way this poem was penned together Vincent, I once knew the Saddlerider dude before, and for a brief time period, as I saw and noticed the full fledged transition to this cool new and improved Vincent Moore character 🙂

    You are a fabulous expressive poet, that knows how to truly come from the core of yourself, and to breath fresh airs onto the pages here. Awesome way to show the digital trails your pen names have taken, and lead you too. Cool beans bro!

    Your budd Mike Pugh!

    • Hello Mike Pugh aka CloudExplorer, yes I am happy with the transition from the Saddle to the Vincent. Although one in the same person, two different personalities. Vincent now exposes his entire self, where before as Saddle he held back. Vincent has flown like a butterfly from his cocoon yet still like the monarch butterfly shows his true colors, one of them is definitely black, relating to his upbringing of sorrow, sadness and abuse. The yellows and oranges for his wannabe colors, to spread light over the world and help people whence he can. Vincent will leave a legacy of kindness and love, he prays one day that his family will see the real father they tossed away and come to his grave with no regrets. Thank you my friend for your kind words, you inspire me.

  2. Once knowing you and your writing…that ‘fumbled and stumbled’ remark requires a stretch of the imagination.
    I love this one….I keep saying this because I’ve never encountered a work of yours that I didn’t love!! Hugs, Vincent

    • Oh thank you for the compliments Dotti but it was these two gentlemen who inspired me to give poetry a try and I haven’t laid my quill down since:-)) I just keep writing what comes from my soul, much like yourself, you are a gifted poet and have so much passion in your work. Hugs

  3. Hi, Vincent! Love this little ditty..are you saying that you used to write under a different name? i had no idea! judging from the level of talent infused throughout your poetry – i honestly thought you were BORN writing it! I’m surprised..
    pleasantly – Saddle

    • Yes when I joined the Hubpages my username was Saddlerider I wrote a few articles about Montreal and growing up there. It wasn’t until I read Charlie Campbell and Wayne Browns poetry that I took an interest in trying my hand at scribbling a few words of my own. The rest is history, Vincent Moore evolved and Saddlerider was put out to pasture. LoL….I never wrote a lick of poetry until I came to Hubpages in 2010

    • Yes the transition was interesting, from a short article writer my first attempts at the hubs to be stung by a couple of other talented poets who challenged me to attempt to write a poem, I’d never written a poem until 2010 at the Hubs, now the rest is history, Saddlerider became Vincent Moore and it’s he and my Muse that bring forth the words.

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