First Kiss


Ever so nervous was I that night,

trying to steal my very first kiss

so young, scared and nervous was

this boy.


Afraid that my lips would stick

to hers, so my tongue had taken

notice to stay, I know she wanted

mine on hers.


The color of our cheeks were

crimson, the build up was sublime

our minds were reckless and

then some, knowing we had to

meet, to treat this heat, and

passion we both felt for each

other was golden.


The night grew to us, as we to it

where do we meet for this kiss,

under protest of a dim light to

silhouette us under the moon

deep like the French tongue?

or just a slow and dry peck

like a drunken woodpecker

out of sync, and confused.


Our eyes contact, we give

the look, we tilt our heads

and slowly caress, our hot

wet waiting lips over the

smooth wet texture of skin

on skin, wet and juicy are

we lost in our very first kiss.


Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore all Rights Reserved.



First Kiss — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, whew. . .what a sweet kiss! How can we possible forget our first kiss? I remember mine was a disaster. . .Lol! Two young kids not knowing what we did. However, with age and experience, luckily that changed. Beautiful, sweet poem, Vincent. . .Just like a perfect kiss.

    • Thank you Sannell, I to was awkward with my first kiss, nervous and sweaty for sure. But I managed to get through it and eventually became quite the kisser, so I was told by my girlfriends:-) Now I rarely get kissed. lol

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