Fly that Stayed

Fly that stayed

Fly that stayed










Fly that Stayed

Summer is gone and the chill of winter

is upon us, this fly doesn’t know any better,

he clings to life inside my dwelling

wondering what went wrong?


He flew and buzzed outside all day long

without his dignity intact, he was just that,

a fly barely without any class.


Landing on unsightly things then lifting

up and flying to distract me when he could,

by buzzing in my ear and pestering my

every move.


His class abandoned him to the frost as they

disintegrated into frozen shells along my

balcony, buried in the shelves and dirt

hidden there.


He’s caught in my place now alone

and worried, fearful for his life and what

would I do to end his flight.


I speak lowly almost in a whisper, don’t

be afraid, for you see I am alone and

need some movement about this place,

so make yourself comfortable Mr. Fly

and stay awhile won’t you?


I bring you no harm, fly and buzz until

you weary and land upon my aloe Vera

for a spell, rest your tired wings and sip

its healing nectar. Tomorrow’s sun will

lift you up and once again set your path

to fly free and stay awhile with me please.


© Copyright by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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