Fragile Beauty



garden-339236_150When I draw on thoughts, and sessions of my past,

I silently remember on them for a spell and of the

many things I sought after, but wasted my time in

folly among the thicket and thorns of self-discovery.


For those I wept and shed a tear of loss for,

did I lose them along the way, gripped in deaths night?

friends I held in high esteem, who faltered when needed

and called upon, as true friends who simply vanished

when needed by ones side. How I moaned over such

loss, ready to lay down my life.


So grieve I did, and set all moaning aside,

to weep from woe of grievances at death’s door.

if not for the closeness of you dear friend,

all grief would lay heavily upon my soul,

yet tis you who lift me from the ashes cast

over me by wailing ghosts, making me

anew and wanting to dream amid your

sweet nature and fragile beauty.


Without disgrace I cry out to heaven to

have good fortune to see your presence

before me once more, though it may fall

on deaf ears, shall I not curse my fate to

be without you rich in my wish I hope

for you.


I must not despise heaven for happily

I am content to even have thoughts of you,

I have such wealth when hearing angels

sing hymns as I await heaven’s gate.

Sweet love awaits me, for you my angel

with wings of golden color and a wealth

for me to bathe in your beauty like the

dove awakening to a new day, I rise in you.


© Copyright 2014 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved




Fragile Beauty — 6 Comments

  1. Lovely, absolutely wonderful, my friend.Your words had me think of my own youth. In so many ways wasted, but not forgotten. It’s memories after all, good or bad. Memories that make me a wealthy soul.
    As always, your words, are beautiful. Thank you for a great piece of poetry, dear Vincent. I hope you’re well. How’s the little kitten of yours?
    My love and hugs,

    • Hello Sannell and so nice to see you here. Yes we all have many memories to fall back on, especially in times of reflection. I have many and I’ve shared much of my life, past and present in my poetry. I am so happy that you enjoyed this piece and that it brought you back some pleasant memories from your youth too. My kitten is now 2 years old and is thriving, playful and a fine companion. He is the BOSS. ha ha. My love and hugs right back to you sweetheart.

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