French Press

What a pressing experience indeed,

who came up with this ingenious idea?

Oh of course, the French Connection.


No fancy electronic buttons or

stainless steel reflections, just a simple

cylindrical tube of glass and silvery

metal casing to plunge and produce

its perfection.


It stands tall and proud to receive

my bean each morning with hot spring

boiling water to squeeze delicious

flavor from each bean squatter.


Oh thank goodness for the French,

so noble and worthy, to invent

such a beauty and  entice this bean

lover with their brilliant savvy.


I lift my cup this early morn to

all coffee lovers, and let there be no

mourning, for the bean is made to

come alive with the Frenchman’s

 cute invention, Oh don’t take my

French press away or else this poet

will surely die, on any given morning.


For it’s my savior on my dull

mornings, as wine is in my nights

and without either to keep my hands

steady, I would never be able to write.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.



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    • I love my French press dear friend. That’s the only way I make my Java every morning, unless I got out for it to a place like Starbucks.

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