Fukushima Aftermath

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Disaster and Collapse


Transition and sacred, human kind has begun

to see how we are losing pace with civilization

as we know it.


Natural gas and food will begin to disappear,

not enough resources to sustain infinite growth.

Our nations of the future will bear no resemblance

to what we once were, if we are to survive as a race.


Changes that we make will force challenges on us

like no other before. The great discovery of oil

over 100 years ago, is now coming to a grinding halt.


Governments are going to go bankrupt, cities and

towns will cut back on many of their much-needed

resources, like police, fire and ambulance, our

infrastructure will begin to collapse while crime

and deaths will increase.


Similarities of the Roman Empire and American

civilization is remarkably striking. Corruption and

bribery was rampant, and our blind faith will not

let us reign forever, let us not fall with it.


We can make changes to the impending dark

visions of our future. We must first deal with

over population and the dying off of humans.

Helping one another to survive this fate will

be crucial to our survival as a human race.


Capitalism must be revised and retooled

to bring us through this horrific economy.

Better ways to conserve and produce foods

as our fossil fuels become depleted and run out.


Living within our means and acknowledging

change as resources become harder to find

and our debt soars. Borrowing money is out

of control, by adding more credit is simply



Waking up to the reality of this collapse

will not be as frightening, or overwhelming

if we act now to divert the flood from the

dam that is ready to burst.


WATER? a primary concern, water runs our

world, without it for eight hours in a day will

be a nightmare. History must not take a step

back by destroying our water resources.


We must take the stand NOW that to use less

and conserve more to survive in the

upcoming Armageddon is paramount,

we must recognize change is upon us sooner

than we realize.


Water is the most important resource for survival;

it’s the foundation of life. And quality and measure

is becoming a serious dilemma. Pollution is a major

crisis and affecting our fish species and our eating of it.


Water is taken for granted and yet it’s the pillar of our

foundation for without it, we don’t survive.

We must not continue to be so careless with how

we use it. Water is like the blood in our bodies,

without it we die.


Recycling is going to be required to

sustain us with water in our future, yet pollution

will not be removed entirely, it’s impossible to

do. Our filtering is not perfect and disease

will still come through as some chemicals just

can’t be removed entirely from the refuse.


Hunger will intensify, food will become scarcer

as farmers are suppressed and controlled by big

business and mutated seeds are planted to

make the real thing and health is stamped

out in place of greed avarice and world domination.


Our progeny will be left with depleted resources

and struggling to survive among the ruin and

desolation left. Back to basics will be the

order of the day and fire will be given back to man.


A simpler life will prevail with gardens being

grown in the streets, and roof tops, that still

stand in the crumbling concrete jungles of

what remains of robotic America.

Technology will introduce robotics that will

dominate our lives and will enter every

household to look and behave like humans.


Artificial intelligence will begin to challenge

humans as the dominant species. The America we

know today can be very different tomorrow;

the crisis we pray unfolds gradually not overnight

as is the predictions by many great minds.


So the question will always be “Will we listen”

to the dire emergency of what lies ahead of us.

Problems so large that only as a race can we

survive if we recognize the very pending and

real global economic doom. We must not let

the lights go out forever for to do so is to say

goodbye to our species.


We must not sit back and watch our world ignore

history, it’s up to us not to let everything that we

have built not disappear into the mist of history.

Against our will come’s wisdom, let’s learn from

our past.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved




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