The Girl, the bike and the light

Skitter Photo, license free.

Skitter Photo, license free.

I woke up knowing that the sky was not alright today, looking out of my window the brilliance was almost blinding to my little girl eyes, it was my birthday today, turning seven, yet knowing inside I was heading to heaven. You see things that nobody else does when it’s your birthday and this day I saw the final day for me on earth.

I walked outside bare footed, my hand clenched holding my lucky charm within the grasp of my palm, my back towards my home, and I said a silent prayer, with a wish that life would not end, the world I mean. I have so much yet to do and see, being only seven gave me little time on this beautiful earth, we all call home. So I stood watching the sky light up. I saw my bicycle and wanted to ride it one last time, but knew there was no time for that; it would have to find me in another world.

I closed my eyes preparing as the light grew brighter, closer and wider across the field, the warmth from this light I felt on my face, oh why does this happen, why has man chosen to end my young life and millions of others? I suppose being a little girl I was simply in wonderment; yet unafraid I stood there alone, knowing that the approaching wave of nuclear heat was soon to blow my ashes into eternity. I closed my eyes as the final day passed through me, dropping my lucky charm to the hell I left behind me.


© Copyright 2015 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


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