Graveyard of Lost Souls

Graveyard of Lost Souls











Why did she appear to

me in the early morning light

staring from a distance with her

reflection looking back at her?


I saw her through my looking glass,

a floating spirit restless as

the night with grey shadows

of reflective sorrows and pain,

her sad expressions so deep,

her eyes black as night.


In a flowing gown of white,

she appeared like a broken

timepiece, stuck at midnight.


Was she a lost child of the past?

speaking to me through closed lips,

wanting to reach me somehow,

and feel my eyes looking back

at her and be not fearful.



But to understand who she was

someone who once lived amongst

the living filled with dreams and

hopes and promises of loves



Now she lingers for a while in solitude

along the road of loneliness and despair

reaching out in some small way for


someone to stop awhile and not be

frightened of her presence there, but

instead look back and touch her lost

soul and light a little flame of hope for

her to return to the resting place in that

private place of darkness and mold

amongst the dead who walk forever in

the mist and graveyards of lost souls.


© Copyright Vincent Moore. All Rights Reserved.



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