Happenings In Stages









Hesitated pressing the publish button with this piece

of fiction, it came to me as a dream and I awoke with

parts of it still lingering on my mind. I commenced

writing and attempting to thread some sense to it all,

this is what I came up with.



People standing still in

parks like statue cracked

faces silently controlled

by some unknown toxic

alien species they

grimace in pain.


Bodies falling to their death

tossed like rag dolls from an

angry child weeping in the sky

no one knows why

this is happening

can it be a freak of nature?

or are there spaces beyond

our comprehension

invading our world.


Bacteria aged and colorless

fills the air and blows towards

all humans to breathe and be

changed and stopped in their

tracks laying down their lives

in that moment of infection

nevermore to live

they are no longer perfection.


An event unknown to

mankind an airborne

virus released to alter

the shape of human life

happening in stages

till death will finally

throw us to the lane

and back to dust from

whence we came.














Departed Bees before the end

time to flee like the bee

who left us four short early

years to die before

the plague came to earth

showing us the sign that

mans time has come to end

as the winds blow in

the invisible alien

dust telling us to kill

ourselves and others.


In panic we lose control amongst

the ruins and decay of our world

our earth our home we loved

grasping for any signs

to keep us pressing on for

life and any possible future

for our kind.


Faces show panic signs and are

lost like the wind

beating against the Sphinxes

of Egypt’s desert sands buried by

the storms that blew in like

a torrent of locusts hungry to

feed upon the spoils

we left behind.


The military is confused

in mass numbers driving wild

in their jeeps with guns pointed at

the unknown enemy trying to stop

the panic in the streets they fail to

keep the order as pistols are

drawn and fired upon each other.


Cities in turmoil as people

scatter not knowing where

to go for safety – afraid to find

death at their door yet so

many warning signs there were

before the violent evacuation

sent our world in panic as the

neurotoxin filled the air

blinding eyes and minds

of people in the millions.


How do we abandon those?

we love to flee ourselves

without bringing them

with us to safety no one must

be left behind to die alone

and be stricken with this awful

plague of death unmeasured

by man the Aztec calendars

message as foretold now fast

approaching for any

truth that we can find

as prelude to end times.


Mind control has taken us over and

alien forces rule our heads and lead

us to the brink of man’s insanity

and destruction while they

take over what’s left of our will

and send us to the slaughterhouse of

decomposing corpses one by one.


This Alien force bleeding every waking

minute as the humans slowly start to

disappear in numbers like grain blowing

from its shaft across the open fields

that lay in ruin we now ask where is God

who is God or are we all gods maybe

just maybe, the answers have come to

all of us as we take our last breathe on earth

and watch our last sunset go down

over our world, all happening in stages!



© Copyright 2011 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


Happenings In Stages — 4 Comments

    • Thank you Audrey my wonderful poetic friend, I surely hope not, presaging the future was not my intention, the nightmare carried with me for a few days, thus I penned.

  1. All I can say Vincent is that I want whatever brand of wine you’ve been drinking! LOL

    This is a great write! And from shards and fragments of a dream? Wowzer! Bravo my friend 😉

    • Ha Ha yes it must have been that grape juice I was knocking back that evening? lol Glad you liked it however my friend and the lovely comment you left here as well. There must have been something in the air that night in my chamber causing me to suck it in and my active mind creating. lol

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