His Legacy


From a father bent on shame,

who gave me the name that

associated itself with much pain.


Though shall I dote without

hope and revel in foolish pride

that hath revealed agony plus

desire justly awarded?


Oh God, I inherited from

my old man, such a gift not

warranted, but humbly

bestowed upon me, it came

shining from the grave.


A yearning heart I did

acquire and relentless

did I make it proud to

seek fame, not shame

glued to my shadow

from birth.


The darkness often

fell upon my spirit,

yet crying out from

Hell I held onto what

sunshine did offer my

winter hours, from an

emptiness cast of steel

the bell did toll a

forgotten knell.


My heirloom given me

like a King receiving his

crown triumphantly, and

furrowed brow I cautiously

held it, shaking in my hands

fearful for the dread that

wore it before me.


At the bottom of a

mountain my cradle was

rocked among the sheds

where rats and vermin

bred, and nightly a

tumultuous father fed,

with unsuspecting

vicious airy dread.


My kingdom among

a touch of hell fell

without much

pageantry, but instead

a ringing in my head

to flee this place of

human battles

so severe, yet like a

stricken child, I could

not run, where to?


My world outside this

kingdom pleaded for

me to follow, and leave

behind my shadow and

run and never look back.


Like a heavy wind I

was blown and stricken

glued by eyes half-open,

for I was not a man, but

dreams fell upon me, and

empires fell, so you

see I was a captive to his

throne, and though I felt

the thrust to penetrate

him deeply, and see the

blood tipped dagger from

the other side of his throat,

I did not have the

courage to end this demon’s

life. For I was just a boy.


Instead I kept ambitious,

and with the help from

outsiders I was freed

at last from this horrid

dream and set free like

mornings dove left to

start anew, the mountain

peak I did climb, not

alone and found the world

and all that it did contain,

leaving behind my pain,



I stepped from the shadows

and the pouring rain bathed

me and fluttered upon the

vapor of a rainbow

given me at last.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved




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