His Message in a Bottle

This poem is related to a story that began with my meeting of the lady in white on a Kentucky back road beside a cemetery and I gave it the title “Graveyard of Lost Souls”. Then I was inspired by a fellow writer to create a story about a love of long ago and this led me to create “My Lost Kentucky Love”. After their encounter and short-lived time spent together I wrote another poem “Somewhere in Time” this was Jeremiah feeling the loss, yet with a left promise that we would meet again. Jeremiah was sent off to sea and it was here that he penned his last words to Laura and placed them in a bottle with a prayer that his eternal love would wash ashore and find her spirit.


Stormy seas.

Stormy seas.










His Message in a Bottle

washed ashore on the sand

of time as the sun was setting

she caressed it gently with her toes

and stooped to shake it free.


What could this be inside tied

by a ribbon of mercy with parchment

ragged and torn edges beckoning her

to empty the glass of its mystery

slowly with the turning of the cork

she sets it free to her outstretched

shaking palm.


Bottle washed ashore.

Bottle washed ashore.








My dearly beloved it began

after your death I went to sea

I sailed as much of the world that

we could find yet never feeling free

the tender love we shared

when both our hearts were one

haunted me always as I struggled

through every blinding storm and

restless sea.


I wept on that cold dark day

they laid you in the ground with

your gown of snowy white and my

rose left on your marker there

where it withered over time.


Now the storm has gathered and the winds

are blowing fiercely as my ship is taking

on water while I pen my last words to you

with hopes that they will wash up on your

shores of everlasting life and be found

by you my beloved.


Praying as I slip into the deep my soul

flies to you like an albatross on high.


© Copyright by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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