I Am Moved


By the blind man as he puts one foot

in front of the other, and his white

cane his guide to survival.


The old woman pushing the awkward

grocery cart along the sidewalk,

bent over and determined to

survive another day, with all

her possessions in life, hanging

over the edges.


The long grey haired old hippy,

that rocks back and forth as vertigo

takes him for a ride, and the last trip

he had back in 65, was his destiny

on the lonely streets of hell.


The homeless young and old seeking

shelter from the storms, that left their

lives in a shamble, looking for the light

and warmth of another night in the

streets of every city.


The youngster running away from the

abuse at home, and wandering the streets

all night long, in pursuit of kindness from

someone out there who may give him/her

a hug of kindness?


The old man with withered hardened face,

who hides a thousand stories of life, he smiles

and shares his toothless grin, and holds within

until the one will find him, and let him

open up inside.


The pregnant girl so early in her young

life lost, as she struggles to be accepted

by the world who decides her fate with

 distaste, she takes a wired coat hanger

and stabs between her legs, and death

ends the birth within.


The poet who walks the nights and

mumbles under breath, of rancid booze

lost in words, he drowns with hope that

someone may hear his message and take

abode within his soul.


Moved I am by life around me, and the love

that comes from all who carry a heavy

burden as they wander this world of ours

and kiss their fate with hope for a better life.


I pray that the lost will find, the hearts will

mend, and their souls will be uplifted as they

seek peace from the streets, alleys, bins and

sins of their families.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2013. All Rights Reserved




I Am Moved — 14 Comments

  1. Truly touching and evident that you see with your heart…I hope we all keep our eyes ope n to the hurting. Thank you Vincent.

    • Oh hello my sweet Kimmie, I am so happy to see you here with your kind words as always. Yes they need our support and love, nobody should be in the streets living as they do. I hope we can find a way to give them a helping hand always.

  2. Vincent, a portrait of life for some, grim and hopeless. Each man’s burden begs for someone to help carry the load. I echo your prayer. Deeply human poem Thanks Vincent!

    • AJ I thank you sir for your encouraging words about these down and out people. I try my best to carry their load by helping donate where and when I can. There strife is sad, nobody deserves to live in the streets of any city in our world. I pray we find a way to get them off and into proper lodging.

  3. You are welcome. I have devoted much of my life to helping others, trying to keep them from the destitution you so piercingly describe in this poem. I believe your words can inspire others to this work.

    • I sure hope so, they need our help. Many hands are better than just two, together we can make the difference and stand up for them whenever we can. Peace and blessings I send to you this day.

  4. A poem that turns the sin, dirt, shame, and loss into something so much more beautiful than most of us see as we walk on by, living our own sheltered lives. Thank you, Vincent 🙂

    • Thank you sir for your kind review. Walking by is okay, but not acknowledging their plight is another thing. I carry a pocket full of loose change when I go for my walks in order to hand out to those who place their hands, caps, boxes before me. I want to give without question in silence if need be, yet open to a conversation at any given moment.

    • Hello dear Sannel, so nice to see you here, it’s been awhile. I hope life is treating you much better, I know you are busy with your camera and your books and that is excellent. You are a truly amazing artist and your expressive shutter eye amazing. Yes this piece moved me to pen it for sure.Hugs to you sweet lady.

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