In My House


Resides a Demon whom I share through

the flickering faint light in my abode,

and quiet shadows moving by, I know

my Demon’s eyes for they lure my soul

and attach each waking moment,

for she never dies and beckons me

to her bosom, and into her waiting



With deep regrets from scars

I left her with, she haunts me till

this end and wants me in my tomb

as her revenge, I can see her shadows

silhouette glides back and forth

knowing I will steal a glimpse,

and lay my Quill aside for one

second’s breath in time she only

wants me still.


My Demon lives on what she had

before and tickles her fancy to slam

my door each time I enter in my

House of tranquility, but not for

long she will taunt me with

her song.


She weaves her web like a Black

Widow should, and leads me to the

slaughter like a web full of flies, and

nesting eggs to hatch and snatch me

at will, and crack my will to live but

mercy be asked,  yet not given she

cries you die tonight.


We hung together like a thread of silk,

her in my world as she curled like a viper

and hurled her forked tongue in blame,

for all the lost years of youth she wasted

on me leaving her beauty in a mess of

shattered dreams, and crow’s feet

darkened eyes.


This demon shuts the door then opens

it with force and lingers while I wait

on her, and with a twisted head she said,

I want you in your tomb so we can

share the fate we built and lost together,

in a world so compelling without sound

in utter silence forever more.


The lamp now burns very dim,

and the dark will fill my room,

as I await and feel her near gliding

back and forth I hear the creaking

door open and my tomb revealed,

I walk with head hung low and feel

her blow upon my soul, I’m lead

below into our tomb together

feeling her cold kiss of eternity.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved



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