Just Another Brick


Just Another Brick In the Wall

Just Another Brick










For all those who fill there eve with alcohol

and memories sad but true and lash out at

the devil for all the pain they’ve been through.


I tell you now that hurt and pain sustained

through nights of less sleep and demons

feasting on ones soul are just rewards

for who we are now.


We curse and vomit out names we disdain,

those who left us, hurting inflicted and

suffering till the end of time when we

breathe our last.


The mirror hates us as we look into it

and smile a sly grin on our sad faces,

which we see now is not the person

we once were.


The apartment or our den, study or

luxury kingdom castle in the mountains

will not cover and hide our pain and

sorrow that awaits us every time this year.


Oh raven my friend, you flutter here and

there and mock us, as you peck at the

crumbs we leave on our tables for

your return. The cracks in our floor,

the blood splattered from our hearts

we so give up for ransom.

You know our pain, you watched us

suffer, and you saw us lose everything,

even our name.


Oh gods who tremble when you see

man’s hatred for each other, marriages

shattered, children turned against a

parent, love forever lost, only hatred

shown, they cry out, why oh why

did father leave us.


So the glass is never empty, the alcohol

flows the red wine a constant companion

for misery we seek. This eve just another

brick in our wall as we try to forget the

past, stay alive, not commit the deed of

death, not yet ready to cross to the other

side, so much to write, yet so little time

to pen the legacies we attempt to leave

to those who may care for a poet’s

insanity this New Year’s Eve.


© Copyright  by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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