Last Drop


I see them from my cold cell like tentacles

they reach out and beckon me to hell for

crimes committed though innocence

I plead as gallows shadows swing

outside my cell.


My jailer walks with gusto in his step

I hear the keys jingle from the loop

tied to his belt his fat stomach shows

he is well fed but not on this gruel fed

us here the living dead.


My cell walls have ears and listen

to my pleas as I shout and scream

my innocence with hope for governors

pardon from distant phones

not ringing in this house where

gallows swing outside

my cell door.


The priest arrives with robes of purple

red and gold and mumblings under

breathe with head bowed and eyes

closed he beckons me to bow in

prayer whilst kissing his rosary

he reads from the book so firmly

clenched between his

sweating hands.


He reads with hopefulness and

certainty and tells me how my

savior gave his life to free me

from my sins yet here I sit alone

and dead inside knowing I will

meet this savior soon

who gave his life for me

when I’m lowered from those

gallows that swing outside

my cell door.


Tomorrow at the crack of dawn

is when the devil will get his due

I see for the last time blue clouds

turn to dark as they hover over my head.


They will place the hood tightly

over my hanging head and tie

the noose as I hear the hangman

push the hammer down and feel

the snap and know that

I am now dead.


The gallows will be silenced

until the next one meets their

fate as the hangman’s shadow

stares from outside their cell door

he awaits.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved



Last Drop — 6 Comments

  1. Vincent – This is magnificent! Your ability to channel your character through words takes flight and still I know your massive potential remains untapped. You bring the reader to the moment always with a lasting message.

    Thank you ~ Audrey

    • Your very welcome Audrey and thank you for the wonderful words and your visit. I try my best to leave my readers feeling what I pen. Hugs

  2. Vincent, this is chilling and I stand amazed how you seem to put yourself in his place, creating a magnificent picture with words.
    Thank you,

    • Kimmie, if I can’t use visuals to stimulate and move my readers, then I don’t feel I’ve done a complete job in my penning of it. Hugs

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