Finding and Losing Love



Finding and Losing Love









Should you ever be fortunate enough to find true love,

never question how it arrived, or how long it will last,

embrace it with all your heart and soul, for like a

winter’s frost, should it melt and flow away from

you to another season, accept the loss, always

remembering how you found it and it you.


I reached out, found it, lost it, I mourn for the loss,

yet am thankful for every second, minute, hour and

day given to me, I tasted it and it was sweeter than

the finest wine from grapes only chosen for the gods.


My life was blessed for a moment in time, and it now

will last my lifetime. Thank you for sharing your love

with me, my beloved, no regrets I have, my spirit was

lifted with you, now I fly like an eagle forevermore

in the winds of my destiny, for it is my Karma and

it share’s a piece of my heart with you always.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2016. All Rights Reserved

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