Loves Measure

The warmth that reaches out

to a friend can’t be measured

in any way, yet the words typed,

thought, and conveyed is beyond



If a friend even though never met,

expresses such kindness and love,

then life is worth living and valued

beyond any measure.


I have been loved,

felt its caress and I am truly

blessed for spending time

with beautiful people 

who cared for me.


My soul reaches out and it

finds very deep places, that only

I can go to, and when I return

struggle yet am refreshed,

how long this can go on is

beyond man’s understanding.


My dark places beckon me and

draw me to their side, I struggle

yet defeat awaits me as the

dark side wins for a moment’s time.


Vincent is born anew and reaches

out from his deep abyss, searching

for the bubble that will give him the

breathe that he so desires,

be it his last or a journey of

enlightenment to the other side.


His much cherished friends he

delights in, and loves beyond

any measure, for without them

he perishes.


Thank you all for the kindness

love and support much-needed,

I am truly blessed beyond any

measure for having found you al,l

this poet is at peace.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved



Loves Measure — 6 Comments

  1. And I return the love back and thanks for your wonderful poetry which I enjoy reading and which always takes me on different journeys. Hugs and blessings to you.

    • Thank you sweet Gypsy and I appreciate your following my work and commenting as you do, for without them, a poet is a lonely place to be. We all thrive on recognition in our work, I am thankful to have followers like you. We all need each other and must continue to support one another’s work. hugs sweet poet.

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