Loves Tender Sorrow


Loves  Tender Sorrow

Loves Tender Sorrow-Mestiza Woman









The doves sitting together, breasts beating in sync,

the crickets clicking under a brilliant moon, the

slip of a frog’s tongue snapping an insect from

midair to share with her newborns.

The harmony of the wind and the wolves call,

these things a witness to life.


She hides in the shadows of the forest, her silky

skin glistens radiantly under the glow of the

milky way, translucent beauty, red tender lips

mourn the night, her tears falling to the wet

leaves of the forest floor. She waits for her

love she lost so long, long ago.

© Copyright Vincent Moore. All Rights Reserved.


“Even in the most terrifying moments Poetry & Music must never offend the ear.”



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