Mother’s Journal

Designed and created by Cheryl Woods

Designed and created by Cheryl Woods

Locking her bedroom door and moving very slowly,

she clutched a silk kerchief that had wrapped in it,

two items she treasured with all of her heart,

lightly laying them down beside the journal

that rested on a  night stand table close to her bed.


One was a ring he had gifted her on Valentine’s Day

so many long years ago, saving all his pennies in

a leather pouch he hid so well underneath the couch,

along with a hand written poem that set her heart aglow.


Alongside the ring she placed the beautiful string

of pearls, another gift from Vincent received on a

Mother’s day with a hand written note, saying

“mother dear, I will always be near you and I

want to tell you so” with these string of pearls

I found in a treasure chest deep, deep below.


Knowing her time had come, she gently pulled

back the linens and weakly crawled under them

all the while grinning and staring at Vincent

the beloved son, her poet.


She knew they would meet again as their time

was cut short, yet the time given them was

heaven on earth. Reaching out, she lifted

the journal and drew it near to her bosom

as she quietly passed on to another dimension.


© Copyright 2013 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved








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