My Faithful Mirror

My Mirror

My Faithful Mirro










I found this ivory colored round mirror

tucked away so hidden waiting to be found,

what mysteries does it hold beyond its

smooth glass surface? What did I discover

as I looked at myself each day?


My rosy cheeks and shadows of dark

eyeliner caressed my tired face, with

eyebrows so precisely painted yet fully

revealing their mystery and intrigue.


Silver is my hair, and like mercury it

reflects and slides across the slippery

surface of my mirror. I mediate on the

colors of my dying rainbow.


I have looked through this looking

glass for far too long, it’s become a

part of my actual being.


My darkness separates me from this

flickering glass between night and day,

its reflection is always faithful as it

reaches out to me showing my age

and deteriorating beauty.


The mirror does not lie, it comes and

goes without any remorse, reflecting

my shame as tears roll down my cheeks,

this friend my mirror has buried the

young girl and holds captive this old

lady who faithfully looks beyond all the lies.


It’s a cruel truth and admission of who I once

was, its shimmer and aura reflects my withered

skin, it smears the glass as well as my vision

with tears filling the holes and ugliness

beholding my age and takes over the truth.


So don’t tell me lies about the crow’s feet

you don’t see, they clearly pinch at my old

skin harboring bags below my eyes that

stare back at me. Oh mirror mirror is this

really me? with hair so silver and tints of

leftover grays.


I leave now to sleep the deep sleep, to dream

of yesterdays when I was young, reckless,

careless and so free to be me, and men

wanted me for more than me a spirit who

became what you now see.


© Copyright by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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