My Mask of Madness

My mask Of madness.

My mask Of madness.











My Mask of Madness

By the dark of night
I’m taken over water
to dungeons so deep
below to feed
on moldy bread and
putrid water being
sipped by rats who
scavenge my prison
floor lurking in the
shadows waiting for
their chance to feed
upon my open sores.

My fate is sealed hidden
and masked in iron
to cover up my pain
and never allow
me to see
again the light
of day.

I feel my loss that
cuts to my very
hiding behind
this mask
my thoughts
and hopes for
freedom dashed
forever more.

From this
awful place
I want to fly on wind
so free like an
albatross to
the open sea.

Dazed I walk my
prison cell with
heavy soul
each painful step the
Iron mask squeezes me into
slow but certain madness
only to be dragged back
from whence I came
shackled to my aching heart.

Falling to the floor
so cold and shivering
deep cries and even fits
of laughter gurgle from
my swollen throat and
laugh back at my
broken spirit yet not
my will to live.

I weep for
want of solace only felt
by mothers loving kindness
and protective spirit to suckle
her breast of tenderness
while cuddled in her arms I feel
caressed by her gentle
tender strokes upon my brow.

Suddenly she’s torn
from me like raging waves
smashing over rocks and rolling
back to sea lost in the mist
only visible to me.

Here I am kept by clergy robed
in vanity and vile putrefaction of lies
who advise the pretender to wear the crown?
of jewels shining forth for all to see
never to be mocked by holy vultures for fear
their heads will roll
or forever stilled
in this Iron Mask
like me.

© Copyright Vincent Moore. All Rights Reserved.

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