Note in Your Bottle





What would be scribed?

tell me what you would say

could you be honest and brave?

in sharing your lives behind glass.


Like a friend weeping over your

tomb sad yet alone and ashamed of

what you were whilst alive in your

time and imprisoned in your caves

of pity’s pointless words.


Could you honestly say that you counted?

did you weep as the fog rolled over your

meadow and your sun slowly went down

even lower than low to the base line

of your actual existence and meaning here.


Can you say you’ve lived a full life?

of purpose sanity and kindness

filled with humanity and humbleness

not soiled and saddled

with greed of self.


Or did you betray others with self doubts

or stand tall and straight like the tall ships of the past

by setting your course straight and true for higher

ground and greener pastures and higher hills.


Love is but a firefly flittering about

reflecting light into it’s darkness to guide the way

knowing it exists as a beacon of hope for those

lost in night when heavy darkness fills their souls.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2011. All Rights Reserved.



Note in Your Bottle — 12 Comments

    • Isn’t it though, what would you say if you found your note in a bottle afloat and landing at your shoreline? I always wondered about mine.

    • Again I thank you for picking up my bottle, I often wondered what it would be like to find one, the mystery it would hold.

    • Hello Mike so nice to see you again, hows it going? I’m glad you liked this piece, I suppose it begs the question what would one do? Thank you for your comment and hope all is well with you and yours.

  1. It takes a magnificent poet as yourself to scribe something as beautiful and powerful as this. Outstanding!
    (BTW, keep an eye out for my bottle to wash up on the Great Canadian shoreline one of these days, lol.)
    Keep writing, and keep on sharing your words with the world, dear friend!

    • Well thank you my sweet Sannel, you are so kind with your praise of my work. Oh your bottle could wash up anytime it likes, I know I would find your heart there too. I would remove it delicately and digest and absorb every word you penned. I will keep writing and sharing as long as God permits. Thank you again for your lovely heart warming visit, you are always welcome here my beautiful friend from afar.

    • Oh thank you susan and so nice to see you here visiting Vincent. I think everyone has a message in a bottle out there somewhere don’t you? Happy that you liked mine.

  2. This is an outstanding subject, and well done, Vincent.

    I’ve had strong feelings about it. At one time, every poem I wrote was ‘as if’ it were set adrift in a bottle, because I didn’t share them in ‘real time’ with anyone. Perhaps that’s the role of a poet, to distribute his/her life randomly to unknown readers who happen to find a bottle with our words in them. We don’t know who that person may be, but our words may touch that life in some way to make a difference.

    Yes, this is an outstanding subject. Hugs to you, my friend.

    • I am with you on your thoughts Nellieanna. We as poets always hope that our words are found by others and that somehow they touch or move them in some way that is a blessing to them. I am pleased that your words move me, the gifts and gems you leave behind are little blessings in so many ways to many of us. Mine are often darker messages from life experiences, yet even those seem to find a place among the living. I simply want to share so others may not feel the same hurt I felt often in my younger years, lets keep writing and sending off our messages through our pen.

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