Oh Holy Night

VincentMooreOh how I remember that very bleak December

when the street was so cold and the wind whipped

howling all around us while we shivered and sang

“Oh Holy Night” for the few pieces of silver that

were put into our beggars little box at our

very cold feet.


Clothed very lightly from Salvation giving’s,

our mitts were sewn, our scarves so thin, and

coat’s patched over so many times it was a sin.


We huddled very closely as we slowly walked

towards the tree lot, hoping there to find what

our hearts yearned for, a tall and graceful tree,

to lay on our old sleigh that we had carefully

pulled along the icy and cold bitter streets.


The lot was full of pine needles, the smell was

bliss to us kids, we wanted the tallest and the

thickest one on this lot, but not to be so,

as the little we had barely brought with us

bought what we towed back to our lodgings

in bitter wind and blowing snow.


We laid it ever gently on the living room floor

to thaw and release all the ice-covered thickly

to its bough, and heavy burdened branches

ever so small, hoping that life would breathe

back what we needed to decorate, and stand

it tall in our bit of space against the wall.


To our surprise this broken and battered little

tree awoke such spirit in us, and with thanks

we all were blessed to have it at all.

We cried out in happiness, for sorrow we

had far too much to bare, for this one

instance we set sorrow free to go elsewhere.


With homemade trimmings, popcorn, paper

cutouts and small little lights, we decorated

this blessed tree with all of our might. Oh how

we laughed and danced around it, with delight

even though it was in need of more lights.


It didn’t seem to matter; it felt tall and proud

to be picked by us poor children on that fitful,

cold bitter night. Thank you children for

choosing me, for this night we both were filled

with a joyous and thankful spirit, and so I say

to all, Merry Christmas and too all a good night.


Vincent Moore 2013






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  1. You captured the essence of Christmas in this lovely poem. It reminds me a little of the Charlie Brown tree that, once decorated with a little love, seemed to grow with the spirit. Just beautiful! Merry Christmas, Vincent Moore! xx

    • A little late bu Merry Christmas to you Alexandra. yes its a bit nostalgic, I remember going to the corner lot to pick out a tree that our little amount of money could afford and then dragging it home to decorate with my sisters the best way we could.

    • Sorry Wayne for taking so long to reply, have had a lot on my mind lately. I’m glad it brought you back some old memories, so I’m not alone with having very little, but a ton of love to spare, decorating our tree.

  2. Beautiful and heart-touching. Too many children all around the world have no idea what entails the joy and hapinness of Christmas… and too many simply take it for granted…. Happy Christmas, dear Vincent 🙂

    • Yes and Merry Christmas to you Martie, may the joy of it, spread across the world, especially to those who have very little. Happy New Year 2014 too you.

  3. You brought tears to my eyes with beautiful poem. In fact tears are rolling down my face now as these wonderful words take me in a time machine to the days when my mum was alive and my brother and l thought everything would always be the same. Safe secure loving family soon to be torn apart.
    You have such a gift Vincent.

  4. I am very touched by your reaction and tears to this poem. I remember these days, we were a family of poverty and my dear mom did her best to see that all 7 children got a tree decorated for Christmas. We didn’t always get the best or nicest tree on the lot, but she sure made it beautiful when we decorated it. Thank you dear Dim for your ever so kind thoughts, now go wipe those tears and know that Vincent cares. Hugs and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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