Away from the Crowd










Hey dad, I’m here walking and thinking

of us, yes you and me dad, remember

those days and nights we spent together

before the fall?


Oh I know mom and you had differences,

I heard them often through the walls, yes

dad they did speak to me, yet, I also

filtered out the hurt and pain.


You took me camping, trucking and

shared who you are, I miss those moments

dad, I was just a boy, you my dad and a

fine one at that.


Even though you and mom broke up going

your separate ways, I knew you would always

be my dad, and here I am skipping rocks,

thinking of those moments we shared.


This pond at the park brings back many

memories, when you walked with me hand

in hand, I had a net, catching baby frogs

and releasing them. We talked about many

things dad, you told me stories of when you

were a boy, drawing me into your world.


I know you’re a poet dad, your many rippled

poems of your life, saddens me, yet I know

you survived and taught me how to as well.


Dad so many things we did, moments in my

young boyhood life that I remember as I walk

remembering moments together.


The sun reflects on me, your son in

the water dad, I know I am you and

you are me, our blood flows always

towards the same beating heart

and I know no matter where you are,

we will beat as one.


Dad, this is me your son, just a boy,

yet one who will always be thinking

of you no matter how far apart we

may be at times, I am thankful to

have been born your son. So let

me share with you my inner

thoughts here.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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    • Most of my poetry comes from my heart and soul as I’m certain yours does as well dear Patty. Releasing it is the key to self expression, since writing and releasing I have found a calmer ME..peace.

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