Paradise or Hell

Paradise or Hell

Paradise or Hell











If you would come with me where
all the beasts are tame, the snakes
alluring charm is bitter sweet, and
ripened by his forked tongue of
truth and lies.

Where angels weep, and the gates
of Paradise closed, the past is getting
older as our cherub wings are clipped
and together we fall through Heaven’s
clouds into the Hell where Devil’s
words torment, and his finger points
towards a broken promise given us
by the light of Eternity.

We looked over our shoulder and saw
the gates of Paradise closing, our hearts
cried as the wind swept across our
desertion like a fallen rain that never
dries, yet whispering our names, it covers
our naked bodies as we search our lives
for sins committed, and never forgiven
thus we wallow in the forever fires
of Hell.

We ask ourselves the question why
were we shunned from Paradise
and sent out into the cold and bitter
darkness of Hades pit and scorn?

The punishment for enjoying the crime
of eating the forbidden fruit, and tasting
its nectar of good and evil for a few
minutes of joy, we must suffer its passion
and pleasure of joy and eternal pain.

No longer will be favored, as the mercy
fades, while soothing breezes from the
desert now turns into Icey storms, and
bitter is the cold of neglect as the sun
goes behind the moon, and all is dark
while the snake takes us to his place
of doom.

© Copyright by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


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