The Photographer’s Eye



The Photographer









The correlation of color and timing the metaphor of waiting for the right shot the perfect moment.

Her camera sits at the edge of the frigid Atlantic shoreline and the horizon awaits her eye as the waves lap at her feet.

Seasons come and go and each moment is snapped to meet her critical concise eye which captures what she the artist needs to impart to her viewer under the quality of light.

Emotion build up brings her to a safe place in order to capture the nakedness of a subject before her lens and at the same time finding her identity through light and image.

At her studio the editing and cropping continues as she labors so painfully with decisions of extreme formations to satisfy her critical eye and photography roots.

Kinship is important in order to bring them together into a group shot as the subjects wait patiently for the final click of the photographer’s camera.

Each artist wants to emulate in some way their craft and become the artist they want to be by living purely on their art while they contemplate their creations.

Space is constant flux as a camera captures immediate changes around it as creativity is unleashed by the eye of the artist behind the camera. Thus I am the eye behind my lens and the fingertip of creation.

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