Edgar A Poe







Tis a shame who shall we blame

 for our upbringing and misgivings

Our tender hearts so brutally shaken

 and taken so early from us by kin who

 cast their sin upon our youth or departed

 from us early in death.


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Yet with the hurt upon our souls we bled our

 ink to let it dry and turn to powder leaving

 footprints on the white awhile with the hope

 that just maybe someone will rest there lonely

 hearts with ours to feel some comfort from our

 lost souls.


Sylvia Plath











But partake of our scribes of who

 we were and what we wanted to become for

 in our dreams we dreamed of better days

 and happiness for spent we were from all

 our misery left us raw and sad.


Thus we came and went to find ourselves

 again and became the Poets with a voice

 so all could hear we shouted loud and clear

 please read our scribes so that all future

 generations will survive their own abuse and

 not have to run and hide their sadness on the

 other side of their lonely hiding places.


© Copyright 2013 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved





Poets — 14 Comments

    • Thank you Dim for your wonderful comment, yes indeed life can be interpreted in so many ways, I chose to highlight my past experiences from my life that was not very rosy. Much of it never leaves me, thus it shapes into poetry.

    • Well thank you dear friend, coming from a distinguished and prolific artist like yourself I am very honored. I write from my soul as you do sir.

  1. Written with sweet sympathy for all who enter our world. A poignant write making us confront the spreadsheet of our own lives. It’s a wonderful thing chances can come from out of the blue and help shape our destiny offering hope and happiness. Beautifully written my friend. Cheryl 🙂

    • Thank you Cheryl my long distance friend. Yes the life we lived often shapes and forms who we become. I am thankful I did not become the man who that demon in my household tried his hardest to shape and mirror himself. I was saved by a mentor and he shaped and honed me to be the good man I am today. Even though I failed at marriage, I still loved with deep passion, I just never found the right woman for Vincent.

    • Thank you Don, its always a pleasure to read your words when you stop by. Yes we are an interesting group, us poets. Our feelings are often carried on our shirt sleeve with the many mood swings that often inspire our creations. Life’s journey will continue to unfold before every step and breath we take on it, leading to who know’s where? Yet the freedom to express our last dying wishes as asked by Poe. ” God please have mercy on this wretched soul” or words similar.

  2. It is such a pleasure to read your peotry. It has such emotion and I am always compelled to read it more than once to make sure I don’t miss any meanings you have worked to convey. Splendid!

    • Thank you Pamela its been a long time, I hope all is well with you. We had great discourse at the Hubs, but alas, I am no longer there. I appreciate you stopping in to read my work, it means a lot to me. Hugs

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