Prairie Skies




Let me capture for you the beauty

that unfolds before me on my

mounted steed.


The visual beauty of rolling hills

that leaves footprints from the past

with streaming brooks and jumping

fish wanting to feed.


Pastures teaming with green grass,

Tumble-weed and clover blossoming

under the feet of sleepy-eyed buffalo.


Shadows moving about the swaying

boughs of tired trees that rise up from

ancient pasts when painted warriors

fell protecting their rights for prairie



Sleep in peace and let lilies dress your

ancestry plains that rise up now like

a dusty beam cast by a waking golden

sun, as a chugging tractor unfolds the

soil before it, releasing the scented

sweet flutter of thrashed hay.


My heart is rooted to the land with the

lonely call of a coyote as it crosses

before the great divide, dark clouds rise

overhead concealing the sun to the moons

hanging veil to sleep now, tomorrow is

not yet risen.

© Copyright 2014 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


Prairie Skies — 9 Comments

  1. Wow, I really enjoy this piece. probably right there on those plains where you live are the spirits of those who lived and died on the land. No matter what we name our countries or what flags we stick in the ground, the soil of the land here is seeped in the blood of my ancestors. Thank you for sharing this one with us.

    • Yes Wayne the plains offer up much history, blood and destruction. It’s sad how the red man was eliminated by us the white man. All for greed, land, and power. Man is man’s greatest enemy and will continue. I often wonder how we ever succeeded as a race.

  2. This is beautiful, Vincent. l have such a soft spot in my heart for the original Americans . They lost more than their land. Their way of life has never been the same.Progress, progress, l guess! Fabulous poem. Thank you.

    • Dim I don’t know so much that’s its progress, however I do know that man’s inhumanity to man will never cease. Thank you for stopping in for another visit, much appreciated.

    • Hello dear Sannell it’s so nice to see you here, it’s been awhile! Yes you would enjoy the Prairie skies, they are spectacular. I too would love to see Sweden, you have a beautiful country as well.

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