I’m no stranger to the rain,

it’s sudden down pour brought

on by clapping thunderous

bolts of lightning holding

fast to the hidden dark clouds

that surround my masked soul.


It’s no wonder lightening hasn’t

struck me to the ground with

flashes so crashing  that Zeus

would weep and Thor would

run at its very sound.


Yet the rain keeps pouring from

the sky, as poets in the heavens

weep, their tears falling like blood

dripping from the sharpened

daggers plunged by rulers decree

to silence “their quills no more”.


Oh let me fight, not fear the

devil as he pours over this

level of man below, his

downpour may be heavy but

the levy will stay steady as

the rain flows.


Let the sacrificial rain pour

down and crucify, or cleanse

this wandering minstrels path,

for the harder  that I struggle,

the faster the rain will pull me

down, down to the great Abyss.


But there will always be the

rainbow with its promise after

the rain, and it’s colors so majestic,

will bring on another tomorrow,

to steal and bring on sunshine

after the rain.


So let me put the dark clouds behind

me and pray that the Universe who

designed me, will put the dark

clouds so far behind, and stop the

rain from coming down upon me.


I’m no stranger to the rain, no matter

how it splashes over me, my face will

welcome it and never fear it, for it

cleanses and sheds and reveals a new

layer of life to this stranger.


Rain, rain, rain, fall upon me, wet me,

drench me, lift my spirits with your

gentle splash upon my brow, opening

my eyes and mouth to receive your

caress, as I drink of you, and mutter

that I’m no stranger to the rain.

Vincent Moore July 2015

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