My soul is upside down
blue is my day, cloudy mixed
with bad weather a storm on
the way.

Today the Raven lays aside
his trouble being black with
a penchant for dark and troubled days.

With a deep curiosity he awaits the brim
of another night to take flight to a poet’s
side among the tossed aside notes
that thicken his concrete floor.

A chamber where the ink never
dries only hearts are broken and graves
are disturbed as another verse is scratched
and scorched by the dripping wax of his faint
wicked orb .

The Poet and the Raven are perfect company
this night with gleaming eyes and unspoken
words they know each others fight is to try
and survive another fit of hidden treasures.

Behind a poets charm as he bleeds to disarm
the words that flounder among the
shadows cast by his past and a Muse
who haunts his very soul.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


Restlessness — 18 Comments

  1. Vincent, my friend, The SilverGenes Group has created a wonderful showcase for your work. This will definitely not be my only visit here.

  2. Thank you Daisy my friend, I look forward to meeting many of my fellow writers and poets here over time,. Yes Alexandra Lucas did a wonderful job of designing this site for me and I am so happy with her work.

  3. Congratulations to your new site, my friend. SilverGenes did a marvelous job. It is a classy, elegant and beautiful site, a reflection of you in every sense. I’ll be back once in a while for a glass of red, some exceptionally fine company and reading. I wish you best of luck.
    My love and hugs to you,

    • Thank you my dear friend, I’ve been away from my writing desk for awhile but and now back. With this new site I hope to communicate more with
      so many of my talented writer friends like yourself. I miss you my dear, I pray that you are well and happy. Hugs

    • Thank you my sweet friend. Nice to see you’ve found me. I have been away from the Hubs for awhile and your precious work. I will be
      back, just needed a break, also time to work with Silvergenes to complete this new site. Hope you like it. Yes this is a grim piece
      but heck there are not too many of my pieces that put a smile on the readers face:-) Hugs

    • Well thank you Dim, I’ve been away from FB and the pen for a spell, regrouping my life and awaiting my Muse’s return. I’m certain inspiration will return, if not then I have filled my vessel and exhausted my time as a poet. Hugs

  4. Captures what we all feel so very well. The Raven stands out in my mind as a bird of wisdom and one who has a great sense of adventure with the odd showing of being a jokester… awesome words Vincent…

    Hugs from Alberta

    • Thank you Rolly, it’s an earlier scribe, however now and then I share them once more. I have been hiding for a spell, away from most social media connections. My pen has been at rest and I feel sometime I’ve exhausted my well and drain the last inspiration from it. I hope to write more when my muse finds me once more. I pray all is well with you in Alberta and that the sun is shining on your heart and spirits, peace and blessings I send to you this day my friend.

    • Well thank you Debbie Brooks, I am simply a poet among so many, a man of simple words, churned together into verse. My Muse has been good to me, when he comes lurking from those shadows and draws the bucket of words from my very deep well of experiences from the past. Peace and blessings to you dear poet, I miss you all too. Thank you for sharing my work, much appreciated. Hugs

  5. Hey Vincent, how are you? I hope all is well. You’ve been in my thoughts and greatly missed.
    How’s my Mr. Poe doing? Is he behaving? 🙂
    Seeing you on fb made my day, so thank you, my dear, Canadian poet!
    My love and hugs,

    • Good morning my favorite Swede poet, writer and artist all rolled into the beautiful caring loving person you are. I am fine, still above ground so that’s a good thing for now. Mr Poe hangs above my head behind my desk. He watches down on me suggesting that I should share his thoughts and pen more. My inspiration has been lacking of late, yet I know it lingers within. Just have to get started. I miss you too my lady and pray all is well with you. Hugs and much love from me to you.

    • Well thank you Don, so nice to receive yours from such a talented man as yourself. I hope your enjoying your new digs overlooking that spectacular view from your balcony. What a beautiful peaceful setting you’ve chosen to live in. Your inspirations shall surely flourish from your pen. Keep in contact Don, I appreciate you very much.

    • Well thank you, coming from an author and scribe such as yourself Ms Chloe, I am truly honored to receive them. Yes indeed, I’m certainly a dis-functional poet, maybe even a little mad. The cracks are many and often I fall between them struggling to crawl out from the abyss. Yet somehow I manage to find the words left me in my struggles. Hugs to you sweet friend.

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