Rippled Faces


Rippled Faces

Rippled Faces









Of so many sad unhappy confused and

mean faces, clown faces, disturbed haunting faces

many that chase me in my dreams and nightmares

faces, cracked old and weathered tired homeless faces,

not finding peace or happiness in our mad world

of Disturbia faces.


So what can we do to change our faces, do we put on happier

makeup, can we fill the cracks with the fountain of youth,

or better still immortality faces for what it’s worth to these

sad worn out faces haunting me still.


What  does it all mean this scene of destruction, faces?

so proud and stubborn rich and poor many forgotten faces

crying tears, streaming down so tragic on children’s faces,

losing their momma and papa in a sea of faces.


Lost and deserted walk the streets of lonely infested

with crime prostitution and death faces, with no faces our

races care little but the political hypocrites who want

faces to be blurred intoxicated put on hold for their own

agenda faces will force us to swallow their swill of pomp

and skewed political faces, with frowns from the public

faces who vote these faces into power

shame on those arrogant political faces.


Who deflower us all with their greed and power then

overpower us common faces who without us would hide

their faces in shame those silly faces we cast a vote and

brighten their faces once more as they rub their hands

knowing we the taxpayers pay their wages to commit

fraud in the name of power to serve and protect

themselves with their dirty faces.


They won’t hide their faces unless our faces uncover

them for who they are political trash in power to make

our faces cringe with shame for placing them in the

power game as we cry freedom to all the faces that are

dying in their beds at night from lack of food medicine

homes and jobs so sad these faces.


These faces suffer alone while the power

is given to those to spend and ruin our countries faces

by plunging us into debt so deep that even a grave digger

cries with his face buried in his hands while so many tired

and angry faces cry from their graves in shame

for whom we’ve become a faceless

society of hopeless faces.


© Copyright by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


Rippled Faces — 10 Comments

  1. Well said Vincent, yes we are in a mess, the sadness is overwhelming. And what will come, even more concerning. great work my friend.

    • Our children and grandchildren will live in a world that they inherited from us. What a horrible legacy being left them. The powerful regimes have dictated to one another, politicians have caused all this and more. Very sad indeed my friend.

  2. Sigh. Very interesting and succinct. It’s all too true. Fortunately, our own faces reflect our own inner light (or lack of it) so it’s not out of our control. As for the public faces who seek and gain power, — while we innocently have only one vote each (if that much) with which to try to block their horrid agendas — we almost have to believe in a greater plan than theirs being served, perhaps allowing natural consequences to serve it, but that doesn’t soften the blow of the evil going on and as it affects innocent people. In this current case, I’m afraid that fraud is the least of the worries. There’s more likely a much more sinister and dangerous agenda in the works. Gotta live each day for its own value and know the future will also be comprised of individual days for each of us.

    • Well my dear I don’t know why this comment went to Spam file, maybe it’s the political Gods over this Internet controlling what they want to be seen, they have their own agendas. I approved it so I could reply, your comments have never been rejected by me and never will be my poetic goddess. TO answer your thoughts, indeed ONE vote, but even that could be manipulated in various states I am reading. I am shocked that of all the greater people to choose over the two candidates running for Presidency, the American people will suffer either way. Whoever becomes your next President holds the power over the people and can do much damage in their first term of office. Innocent people will indeed be hurt for sure. Sinister agenda I agree, the fraudulent charges flow like water throughout this election. I too believe that a more sinister agenda is at work here my friend. It’s down to America having to vote for “the lesser of two evils?” Sigh.

  3. The establishment and political figures have their pulse on the nation and sadly there has been a gradual yet persistent degradation of the entire process of governing of and for the people. When even undesirable candidates move into full contention for the prize by default there is something seriously wrong with due process.

    Between now and November there will be much going on behind the scenes in efforts to shift support, sway the vote and force the outcome. Such is the ‘democratic’ process.

    Your words are rife with the ills of our time Vincent. Quite rightly, it is hard enough living in such perilous times yet to foresee our next generation(s) facing despair is quite another.

    • Don I have been closely following the candidates in this upcoming election for their new President and quite frankly I am disappointed by the countries choices. You would think that they would have been able to nominated better candidates. Hillary and Donald will cause many to choose another name at the final ballot box. Both have so many ghosts in their closets and the mistrust by the American people for either of them is at an all time HIGH. I pray that whoever wins makes better choices than the present corrupt administration. I’m glad political science was never a favorite course of mine in school. If I had to choose one or the other, the least of evil, my vote would go to Trump, at least he hasn’t been tested as a politician, so within his first 4 years he would have that opportunity to prove himself. Time will tell come November the 8th.

  4. We can change this..and it is changing..God is back to a point, a third party is emerging..75 o/o want another choice.. we are The People…so we have to stop supporting some by our choices..stop buying what isn’t safe for our children, our Planet, our food..the money that will be lost by commercial crap will make them listen.
    This earth is supplied with all we need to keep it pure, to keep us healthy ,to keep us caring..and WE are the ones destroying it…nice poem Vince… <3

    • Thank you Merle Ann Johnson for your succinct comment. Indeed we are the ones who have to make the changes, politicians have a habit of leaning the other way, destroying advances for the good. Yet mother nature has her own agenda and I truly believe she will reel to their ignorance. Our planet is important to all of us, NOT just the few. So unless we stop governments from bringing us to our knees and subjugating us to their will, nothing will change. I am an optimist and truly feel that God will intervene before they destroy our world.

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