Rippled Reflections









Rippled Reflections

Rippled Reflections








I see the distant past like a

mirrors reflection ripple cast

upon the quiet lake of blue

beneath the weeds that grow

and tangle up my soul to pull

me under to the abyss far below.


Narcissistic boy sitting on the shore

always looking in to see myself

to find him looking back with anger

from below the water’s edge.


Amongst the depths he lived

and wanted nothing more to live

in peace and never come to be

the boy sitting on the shore

looking in.


Instead he smiled when brought

to surface by the boy so desperate

to be among the many mirrored

faces of reflected images rippled

by waves gently lapping at the shore.


Shall I fall into the magic spell cast

upon my young heart beating for a

boy who looks back with smiles upon

his face wishing for reflections from

the prince who sits on shore with his

narcissistic grin and wishes he could

be my muse and frolic with me in

the depths of waters edge.


Not to be I see him leaving me

to run with royal bloods and feel

his freedom on the ground secure

without reflections from the depths

of waters deep faces he once knew

so long ago.


© Copyright Vincent Moore. All Rights Reserved.


Rippled Reflections — 6 Comments

  1. Sigh…narcissism – the ultimate guilt-free existence, eh?
    This is just incredibly well written – and DEEP (excuse pun)..
    btw..what a handsome young man! (
    HUGS, Vxx

    • Yes I had reflective moments in my youth, torn between many issues in my young life at the time. I did a lot of searching, experimenting and often thought I was going to drown in the very deep Abyss. Yes a younger man, handsome? some may have thought so, yet they needed to look into my soul and when they did, there lay the beauty. Hubs xo dear Leslie.

  2. A great read Vincent ;it’s a while since I have enjoyed your creations but have now subscribed so will not lose track again. Here’s wishing you a great day and keep them coming.

    • Nice to see you back Eddy, I’ve been silent for awhile, but I’m back. Thank you for reading my work here, much appreciated. I rarely visit hub pages, although I peep in now and then. Hope all is well your in Wales, you are a fine poet and writer yourself. Hugs

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