Roads Less Travelled

So young I was full of spirit and fun

not knowing what life would offer up

as I was on the run from

who I had become.


Life was unbearable watching

through crying eyes of rituals

performed daily in a house

ruled by one so mean whose

putrid soul

was his fun.


Could I travel both roads?

and hope for the best or

stay put and rooted in a

life from Hell under the

ruling spell of a heartless

demon who could tell

what next would come?

from a boy wanting to

run and take his mom

and siblings with him.


And never come back but

stake a claim in adventures

name and take the path less

travelled with hope, pride

and expectations of greatness

or great loss only time would tell.


Taken the road travelled on

and beaten down its gravel as

smooth as jade I slipped into

the great divide and knew

I would never come back yet

be spoken of by many in the

future news or press of a

young man who took the

road less travelled to

become a man.


If I kept my head about me

while becoming a man when

friends doubted me or talked

of me with lies I could disguise

my dreams so fools wouldn’t

twist me or try to become

my master or slave.


I know I will meet

with triumph and disaster

along my travelled path but

keeping straight as a

sharpened arrow in flight

my aim would surely take

me to a sweeter place than

whence the one I left so

rotten filled with pain

and sorrow.


So let me start at the

beginning and pray that

I chose well the road less

travelled and find my rainbow

at the new beginning where

the golden river spills into

the great divide of happiness

and let me never breathe a word

of what I tossed away with the flip

of my coin yet be happy with

the risk but simply

cross my heart.


For I have not seen what lays

before me I have not seen

what others saw for joy was

not mine as a boy for all

I loved I loved always alone

in my room my childhood

rendered bare with sores

aching to be healed with

lightening speed from the

stormy clouds of my life

that hung over my

daily scourge.


So from the sunshine

that warms my face and

dries the gathered moss

on my road of travels

let my grays turn to blues

and let fly by me the summer

wind upon my cheek while

distant thunder and storms

are but the past and Heaven

is my resting place and tis the

fountain of good that awaits my

every step along the way.


I put my nightmares behind

me now and walk and dream

within my dream and hold

within my hands the sand

that lets me grasp it tight

and try to save each grain

that slowly slips

between my fingers

like father time

as I take pride in who

I am and leave my beginnings

to the demons

from my horrid past.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved



Roads Less Travelled — 14 Comments

  1. Choosing a new way of life is possible even after the torment of growing up without the love and protection each child deserves. I think you have shown the horrors and the fact that at some point when we are ready that we can choose to live a happier life/ It is time to leave the nightmares behind. Beautifully written.

    • Hello Pamela so nice to see you here, I hope you like my new site. Yes I agree, I lived a nightmare most days and nights as a boy and young teen. I saw a lot of abuse, anger and alcohol and the devastation it causes. Although my adult life has not been all that well adjusted I am a happier person for having travelled down some of those roads. I know you have had to deal with some issues as well and are a survivor too. Blessings and peace I send to you this day along with these big hugs.

  2. I’m enchanted by the thoughts and a subtle blending of touches of Robert Frost’s, M.Scott Pack’s and Rudyard Kipling’s influences in this one, which is happily happier than some offerings. 🙂 You’re an amazing writer, m’dear!

    • Thank you my dear fellow amazing beautifully talented poet. I am just a simple man being given words to let loose at this late stage of my life, it wasn’t as you know until I entered the Hubs that my soul was let loosed. Wayne Brown and Charlie Campbell are responsible for that, the rest is history and meeting great writers and friends like you my poet is such an honor for me. I thank you for continuing to read and follow my work. I will be by your hubs soon again to catch up on your brilliant work too. Hugs.

    • Yes I agree and I am on that road finally dear poet. I have left many a twisted and lonely road behind me in my travels from the past.

  3. i may give up writing Vincent – your talent AWES me truly! You are a phoenix rising from the ashes – taking the reader with you. The highs and lows are breathtaking and the end result is contentment and satisfaction!
    Any road you choose is the right one my friend – you simply make it so!

    • Never give up writing my HOT and lightning fast full of inspiration scribe. You dear hold back nothing, the honesty and truth flows from you like a desirous cool spring quenching my thirst. It is writers like you who add the spark to the wick that explodes our minds, I love your talented Muse. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments on my writing dear Leslie. I am but a simple expressive po poet as you said:-)) trying to express my thoughts that dwell deep within. I have chosen a road of peace and contentment these days, the roads from my past have been many, scattered and winding roads. I am contented to remain on the road that has led me to where I am now. hugs.

    • I too have loved Robert Frost version, this came to me from the journeys I have been on through my life, many forks appeared on my roads, some I took reluctantly, yet knowledge gained. I’m happy that you enjoyed this version of mine and thank you for the visit, how wonderful.

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