Beneath My Skin In Color





Skin In Color










I am judged for the

colors beneath my skin

it’s my life’s window to

opening’s of who I am.


Sharing with lookers,

demons in hell, or

skulls and crosses,

serpents and dagger.


Tortured by dragons

fiery breath,

or mermaids under the sea

leading the drunken sailors

ship home to shore.


Still maybe my lovers

name entwined with mine,

Beneath my skin of color.


I share with all

my feelings hurt

memories losses love,

deceptions and rejections

honors and dishonors

Beneath my skin in color.


My stories are told

they show the real me

was or could have been

Beneath my skin of color.


For those who don’t know

don’t be so quick to judge

a person’s colored skin,

I am a person with a soul

Aachild of God being me

the artist draws with precision

and brings to life with color

an image so sublime

Beneath my skin of color.


My body is a tapestry, a

palette of mix colors to

show that we are all one

Beneath our skins of color.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved




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