Someone Like You


Your beauty arrest’s me.










My years of searching for someone like you

have been measured, time has taken its toll,

your beauty arrest’s me, fleeting like dust in

the proverbial bowl.


Feelings reached out to me, I thought I found

you and then you were gone, those blue eyes

pierced this poet’s heart, leaving it to bleed and die.


Someone like you, I’ve come so close to meeting,

yet that dividing wall between lust and love has

cursed me, just when I though you were the one,

lust took over and it was nothing more than none.


Yes, my twin, never to be found, yet lingers

like a roses perfume to my nostril as I lay

there in my chamber after a rain, the air is

so calm, and in the mist, you often appear,

yet the distance is but a painful dream,

nothing comes of it. In and out of my life

you’ve appeared, then fall away again.


I’ve had reminders by others of you,

your walk, your curves, the twist of

your head as you flip your long blonde

hair to one side.


I reach out my hand, extending it to pull

them near, but they never reach back,

invisible to me, possibly their telling me,

no one will come even close to what you

lost, so don’t even dare.


© Copyright Vincent Moore.  All Rights Reserved


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    • Oh thank you Jaime, I knew someone like you would appreciate this piece, for you have a romantic heart and a longing to be always loved and love as deeply. You have found him, I’m so happy for you both.

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