Somewhere in Time



















A past love waits for him

beneath the depths

of despair, yet sullen

among the apple

blossoms, sweet scent,

and petals silky touch.


She runs bare foot in a

gown of white and purity,

her long Black hair dancing

as the whippoorwill

sings its message of hope

in her ear of undying

love, for the man she left

behind so very long ago.


Once loved in life and now

departed into the darkness,

she walks alone in bitter sorrow,

holding tightly to the wilted rose

he gave her on that dark day.


Oh my brave prince that you

were here to wipe my tears

and let me feel your embrace,

taste your sweet lips on mine,

glow in your shadow next to

mine and we slip into eternity

together on wings of angels

to our eternal resting place.


© Copyright 2012 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved






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