Sprung Out of Dark Ground

Sprung Out of Dark Ground

Sprung Out of Dark Ground










Comes the soul of a poet, the whispers

from beyond his grave, the future he

once had above, composing his words,

choosing them in a mercifulness way.


Many harkened to his feverish nights,

spent with his pen, translating his life,

with words that come to him from a

Raven sitting on his bedpost.


He fretted over his life, no one cared, yet

he gave his heart and soul, cried like a lonely

child waiting to be nursed by it’s mother. Yet

the poet knew that life was given to him for a

purpose, to leave a legacy of verse that may

open the minds of others, and understanding.


He often cried alone as he penned, staining

his paper as so many bitter memories unfolded

before him, clouds parted the mist of his life,

he was now exposed, no turning back, he had

to tell his tale of woes, so many.


So like a spring gushing forth with purity,

it sprung through his threads of life, unwinding

the long and bitter battle he fought to survive

the demons in his youth, while memories of his

dead past requires no applause.


He simply asked that the loveliest verse slipped

from the tip of his pen and from the tears in his

eyes, straight to your hearts.


© Copyright Vincent Moore. All Rights Reserved.


Sprung Out of Dark Ground — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so glad l continued to read when the beginning of this incredible poem frightened me. (We all have our own demons eh?) It is absolutely first class creativity. As always Vincent. You excel.

    • I’m sorry to have frightened you dear Dim. Yes indeed we all have our own demons, mine still haunt my soul. I’m happy that it moved you so and you enjoyed my thoughts. It was an evening of melancholia that set upon me, thus these words.

    • Well thank you very much Ruby for reading my poem. I’m delighted that I captured your heart with this one. This came to me last night while the rain poured and lighting flashed and melancholia set atop my soul.

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