Star Children

001Sadly do I reminisce of days gone, my feline friend by my side,preening his tiger-striped fur with his sandpaper fine tongue. My candle lit, it’s flame flickering and releasing the only scent of lavender that brings me joy of you as it frees all of my senses to dance in the shadows, I am at peace in my room this night overlooking the twinkling lights of the cityscape with all of its creatures that stir in the night, toiling over their own souls of loss, hope and brighter mornings as the chill penetrates where they lay.

I remember clearly your silhouette that lonely dark morning as you stood in the shadows, your gown white as the Toledo sails flapping ever so gently high above the ship that took you so far away from me. Your sable black hair glistening in the dawn, your olive skins texture caressed my fingertips as we parted. I pressed my lips to my fingers to taste you one last time. Oh my love, why did you leave me all alone to face the world without you in it?

Like no other you left an impression upon me, like no other before you my heart ached and cried for you in every waking hour tormenting me throughout my lonely sleepless night. You and only you stayed and penetrated my dreams, turning them into the saddest accounts of desperation. I awoke often gasping for my breath, hoping you would be by my bedside to lay your palm on my brow and calm me back to sleep.

But you were gone, the short spell we loved, we loved with such intensity, our worlds collided and like two galaxies we came together as one, yes two star children, glittering and shining through the Universe, finally to meet on a cold harsh winter night, just five short years ago. You knew me from first glance; you said that we were meant to be together through eternity. Oh those years spent were spent in total gratitude, united by flesh, hearts, love and sorrows.Yet we were steadfast and strong.

A force to be reckoned with they would say. Could it be that two such as you and I could actually be ONE in the same, like twin souls meant to be together forever! But it was not to last, somehow our armor was flawed, the sword entered and found its mark and we fell at the feet of our enemies. Now I watch us drifting off to sea, the boat taking us away, wrapped in it’s ribbons of white sails as our flesh becomes one with the albatross who guides us safely back to frolic in and embrace the galaxy of exploding stars. The torch lit, we are set ablaze to live forevermore.

© Copyright 2015 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved


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    • Dan I appreciate that my work moves your heart. I know the pain you still carry with the loss of your soulmate. There are some things that can’t be replaced and that is one. Peace my brother.

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