Straw Man

Straw Man

Straw Man

From the twilight ever revealing,

his past and dark nights as a boy

very overbearing and joy departed,

just a boy with no hope nor

dreams of freedom, simply lost

in fright most nights from the straw

man and his beating cane, he hid

under his covers hoping for the

Bogey man to leave this broken

hearted dreamer.

Although his day time light was

bright and hope and ambition always

present, light turned to dark and

shadows set in around him, just a ray,

silent though it was, cast from his

past to stir worries of the inviting

night once more.

Oh for the dreamy air surrounding

him, he knew that if he stayed within its

confines for a while it would not taunt

him to venture out and fear what

he feared most, the straw man and

his cane.

For it was he who hid in the

shadows of this boy’s chamber and

waited like a demon in hiding,

waiting for a pittance of time to

set himself upon his poor tired heart.

Oh silent is the one who takes the

pinch of prisons as a child locked in fear,

their childhood misery, always living in

doubt of oneself, unsure of life’s

offers and divisions, abused they

are but sacred to the punish-err

who feeds upon their misery, all the

while spitting venom into their tiny souls.

Through storms of night, trembling

threatening skies from afar a child wishes

that they could leave like that shooting

star they wish upon each darkened night

and fly from all the fright the straw man

brings with him each night, to leave his

mark upon a small child’s frame with

his cane again and again.

© Copyright Vincent Moore .All Rights Reserved


Straw Man — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Rasma, this poem was inspired from real life experiences as a boy living in a home with an abuser.

  2. The fear & sadness of a child, burdens my heart. Just the mere thoughts bring tears to my eyes. The strength of my Maternal being wants to carry this boy away to safety and comfort. Your poetry runs through my very soul……..Paula

  3. Well Hello Paula, I miss you! Rarely visit the Hubs, I use to be very active there at one time. But it’s not the best place for poets any longer. So I post work here at my own site, thankfully, I still have a loyal following. Also joined Jodah( John Hansen) at The Creative Exiles, where I enjoy posting as well. Yes this piece is a recount of some of my boyhood and teen years, they were most difficult years, but this BOY survived and went on to thrive. I really appreciate your visiting my site, you are a brilliant writer and even a poet, I believe you’ve branched out with your talents;-)) Hugs

  4. Vincent…no one writes poetry like you. This visceral imagery compels, saddens, and brings forth empathy that wants to hold that little boy, bundle him up and rescue him from that terrible Straw Man. Brilliant poem.

    • Oh Genna, I am but one of millions of poets out there expressing ourselves. This piece was brought on by my boyhood experiences of living in fear of that bogeyman. We had a demon
      living with us and he haunted me day and night, thus the strawman. Thank you for your kind review, that little boy sure needed hugs, but rarely received them.

  5. Vincent, it pains me to know these feelings come from actual memories and fear. I can’t imagine living with such debilitating terror. Thank God you made it through your childhood and have overcome evil.

  6. Yes indeed Shauna, this poet made it through. Although I still have vivid dreams and memories from that time when a demon lived among us. Evil is rampant in our world, the 21st century is a dangerous century, will we survive it that is the lingering question and doubt I fear! Thank you for leaving me a comment, much appreciate. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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