The Ageing Factor

The Ageing Factor


Ageing vs Mortality

Ageing vs Mortality








Oh death, leave us now, let us age with

dignity and gray our ageing hours in silence.

Bring the rocking chair closer to the hearth,

let us rock in gentle repose, bring us

final chapter, so gently into our

good night.


Don’t steal away our thoughts and fog

our minds, give us clarity and not

bewilderment, open a book kindly,

let the frayed edges caress our still

nimble finger tips, turning each page

with yesteryears memories.


Our faces once were loved, we tasted

youth and savoured each moment,

skipping a pebble with happy grace.

Love never false, true forever wanting

a never ending changing pace.


Though our sun is setting beyond the

crimson tide, let us hear God’s murmur

from a distance so clear, for love never

fled our side, it echoes from the

mountain tops as church bells ring

across the meadows fair to welcome

us home.


© Copyright Vincent Moor. All Rights Reserved.

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