Angels Weep

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An Angel Wept










Angels Weep

When did it all leave?

why did we let go to

our dreams and futures

lost forever like burnt ashes

tossed to the wind.


When the storm ended

between us and love died

sorrows crept in like poison

on the ivy and we cried

for the sake of the children

we were told to be gentle

but like milk turning sour

we stunk like putrid white.


Our souls no longer a mate

there once was laughter in

our house of cards and

daddy and mommy played

and swung us in the air

as the angels watched

stopping now and then

to pull us close with kisses.


Yet with sadness in their eyes

and broken hearts entwined

they tried to hide their loss

for the sake of the children

those hazy days of summers

in the pool- slip and slide

and water pistol fights.


Uncontrollable laughter not

knowing the end was near

sitting cuddled together

popcorn and licking fingers

family time so precious

so tender back then and

praying it would never end

for the sake of the children.


Family holidays were fun

camping fishing and

swimming all day long

and baking in the sun

we thought it would never end

for the sake of the children.


Now the bright days of summer

are gone and the darkest side of

dark has come so fast

mom and dad have said goodbye

and us children wept in our rooms

not knowing what we’ve done

but no one to blame but us

the children are innocent

we are the guilty ones

for being blind to love

for the sake of the children.


The pain and loss never leaves

you go through your life lost

afraid to ever love again

when your family should have

been connected for always

for the sake of the children.



Disconnected like a plug from

the wall and shocked to sad

forever my tomorrows are

but empty and meaningless

without the children.



Pieces of a broken puzzle

that not even if numbered

would I be able to

find and connect the life

i once had of joy and love

instead I cry with shame

for the loss of my children

and the angels weep

for the sake of my children.


© Copyright 2010 by Vincent Moore. All rights reserved

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