The Cemetery


I walk at night among the crosses,

cherubs,angels and others buried there.


I pause, I kneel, and I listen to the

whisperings of the silent souls

buried so long ago.


They call to me, Vincent we know

you poet and want you near, to share

our sorrows that linger with us still.


You lived a life of despair, how dare

you hide from us forevermore above

us towering with your life intact, yet

humble as it is, not fair.


We want you here among us to share

what you left in your youth,

we know dear Vincent you met your

demons and survived.


But now you must come forth and join

us in the chorus line and sing with us

the life we all lived and cut short our

lives for want of more recognition

among our fellow-man.


Sylvia, Poe, Keats, Lord Byron and

even Shakespeare linger here among

the dead you walk among in sorrow

under moonlight.


Come share my friend and lay your

quill down for a while, let the ink run

dry, flick out the wick and let the wax

drip to the floor.


For who cares but us your fellow

poets who once lived among the

living but we are now all dead.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.


The Cemetery — 4 Comments

  1. I would appreciate it if you linger a while longer and entertain us with your poetic quill. They are a patient lot…we are not! Great verse VM!

    • So nice to see you here my fine poet. I love your new site and will promote it every chance I get, what a great name you chose, Texas Rattler, couldn’t have chosen a better one:-)) Yes I plan on hanging in here for some time yet, I have so much yet to pen.

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