The Quill

When did man find the will the desire to write, record the events of their lives, share their history, their glories their struggles, pain and loss to the world around them? We the benefactors of our predecessors insights and talents live in our spirits today, we express to each other in form that takes a life of its own when our pen hits the pad. This is a tribute to all my fellow writers, poets and thespians.



Oh mighty quill

whose feathers are

trim and so true

sharp never dull

you shape each thought

as we dip you into the pool

of black before us to create

from light to dark and many

shades of grey.



our thoughts hidden

yearning to come forth

stirring our Muse who

leaps from the shadows

ready to probe our

talented souls and stir

each nerve ending as we

pick up our Quill thrust

before us with a grin

and scribe our tales of

woe, malice,

love, foe, romance,

living and dying.


The past and present

collide before the writer

of words who skillfully

shape each letter and

place them together

with meaning by feeding

the hunger, wetting the thirst

of each reader who dares

to be moved by feelings

given and shared so

humbly and free while

watching like a child

with eyes wide

open unwrapping the

gift before them.


© Copyright Vincent Moore 2012. All Rights Reserved.



The Quill — 6 Comments

  1. Nodding… nodding…. nodding to it all… every word. Yes dear poet, I salute you with my own quilled pen and toast to you with wine red as the blood that pulses through our literary veins. huggs

    • With all that nodding I thought you were going to pen that I sent you off to sleep:-) But alas you are alert and partaking in the red with me this night. Hugs right back at ya dear poet.

  2. this is sooo cool! the last verse is whispering the loudest ….
    I really like this Vincent….
    ( and why don’t I get the notices, I signed up …?)
    though I wander over to your neck of the woods anyway….

    beautiful work of art you have scribed in black in white whispers from these corridors of cyberspace
    Take Care…

    • Thank you for liking this ladybluerose. The notices you signed up for should notify you when my work is published here, others are receiving them. I will check with my site admin and find out what the problem may be. However I am happy to read you wandered over regardless:-) I’m glad you enjoyed my work.

    • And thank you Livingsta for reading my work and finding it to be beautiful, much appreciated. You too have a great weekend.

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